Level Beginner
Prerequisites None
Preferred Hoop S (26"-30")
M (31"-34")
Light Weight (Polypro)

The Isolation trick looks like magic. With the correct hoop, this beautiful yet basic trick will be easy to master.

Hold the hoop in front of you with your dominant hand at 12 o’clock. The hoop should be placed in the vertical plane slightly above the top of your head. Move your hand (and the hoop too) all the way to 10 o’clock or to the point where your hand get stuck.

Then, open your hand, rotate it, and catch the hoop in the other side. If you find this part more difficult practice the hand rotate back and forth until you catch the drift.

Return the full movement a few times to create the illusion the hoop is floating in the air.

We recommend learning this trick with 33″/84cm hoop diameter or less. Larger and heavier hoops makes it hard to hold the hoop in the right position for more that a few tries.