Coin flip to Escalator Combo

Level Advanced
Prerequisites Coin Flip, Escalator, Toss
Preferred Hoop 5/8"
S (26"-30")
Light Weight (Polypro)

This cool combo is brought to you by @amber_flowz.

Coin flip to Escalator Combo is one of the Hula-Hoop combos that just blows your mind. This trick takes practice but once you nail it down it’s very rewarding. We recommend mastering the prerequisites before trying this combo.
This trick starts with a toss, continues with above the head coin flip followed by a transition into Escalator.

★ Place the hoop between both legs and practice the coin flip motion while the hoop is on the ground.
★ For left handed hoopers – while performing the coin flip part, it’s important to place right hand above the right (the opposite of what’s shown in the video).