Lift Up

Level Beginner
Prerequisites Waist Hooping, Lasso, Hand Hooping
Preferred Hoop Any Hoop

Lift Up from the Waist to Lasso can be challenging to learn, but once you get it right you’ll use it forever!! This Trick is a fundamental hoop move, and is a great transition from Waist Hooping to Hand Hooping.

Start with waist and then place your dominant hand on your bottom facing back. Try to continue waist hooping and pay attention to the hoop every time it hits your hand.

When you feel comfortable with this motion, lift your hand up at an angle making sure your palm always facing up.

★ hoop.tip: Practice without the hoop on the hand movement. Imagine (you can also try!) you hold a glass of water behind your back and you’re trying to to lift your hand from one side to the other without spilling the glass. Your hand should be at the top of your head in the end of the movement.