Fold Break

Level Intermediate
Prerequisites Fold, Lasso  
Preferred Hoop 5/8"
S (26"-30")

Fold break is a beautiful Hula-Hoop combo that definitely catches your eye when done smoothly.

This trick is brought to you by @siren_spins.

Start by holding the hoop in front of you with your dominant hand and wrap the hoop over the hand in a fold (360°). Then, continue folding the hoop for another 90° making sure the hoop is placed horizontally now. Quickly place your extended arm (facing down) into the hoop.

Press your arm to your side and trap the hoop. Then, move your hand back and forth in order to create the break motion.
As the hoop come forwards – catch it and swing it above your head into a lasso.

hoop.tip: ★ We recommend experiencing with different kinds of Breaks before trying this move.