Continuous Arm Coin Flip

Level Advanced
Prerequisites Hand Spin, Coin Flip
Preferred Hoop 5/8"
XS (21"-25")
S (26"-30")
Light Weight (Polypro)

Continuous Arm Coin Flip is a Hula-Hoop combo that looks like an illusion. This trick is not hard once you get the motion and you can easily combine it in all of your flows.

This trick is brought to you by @greenie_genie_

Start with your hoop out to your dominant side. Palm facing front. Pull the hoop towards the front of your shoulder. Gently flip the hoop over your arm in a coin spin type motion. Your hand will be doing a hand spin type motion. Grab the hoop with your palm facing back. Pull it back around to where your palm is back facing front and repeat.