Back Roll

Level Intermediate
Prerequisites Chest Roll
Preferred Hoop Any Hoop

The Back Roll can be challenging at times, and it takes lots of patients and practice to preform it seamlessly.
This trick is sometimes called the Across the Back Roll.

Hold the hoop with your dominant hand and stretch both of your arms out to your sides creating a straight line.
While keeping your back straight, bend forward and release the hoop to start rolling on top of the back of your hand.
The hoop should continue rolling over the back of your dominant hand, to your arm, upper back, and then your other arm, and hand.
Finally catch the hoop with your weaker hand and continue to the next trick.

Even though the Chest Roll isn’t a mandatory prerequisite for learning the Back Roll we do recommend mastering it first in order to better understand the flow of the trick and become familiar with the correct movement.